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"My music is about life, building community, and giving good messages to people to make society stronger."
— Boubacar Diabate

News from The Hall...

Dunham Shoe Factory live recording "Step Into The Mix" coming December 2016

The Response "Pagan Party" December 17 - msg Mac for details

Energy is contagious. Just like a laugh can propagate more laughter, fear can promote more fear. When large groups of people experience negative emotions like fear and sadness, there are many people who will tell you that it can be a palpable sensation, one that is anything but healing and uplifting.

Many of us our experiencing a great deal of fear right now. We must be mindful to keep that fear in check and not spread the contagion. Fear is the flame that boils ignorance into hate. And remember: ignorance and intelligence are different things entirely and they must be addressed in different ways, should you find either one standing opposite you and ready for a good ol' fashioned fight. Let us all work hard to be on the healing side of the equation yet remain ever-vigilant in protecting our friends and neighbors who are most vulnerable during a time of such societal unrest.

This coming Friday Nov 18, BareSole Yoga in Carlisle MA is hosting its regular music and yoga gathering. My name made its way down the community grapevine and I was asked to offer this month’s sonic sustenance.  If you are a yogi and would like to bring all your warriors, dogs, and crows along for the ride, the event begins at 9am. I'll be doing 90 minutes of improvisation with electric and acoustic oud, didjeridu, ambient waves and atmospheric beds all dedicated to the cleansing of fear and the gathering of our communal spiritual center. It would mean a great deal to me to share this event with anyone who wishes to join us.

More news to follow in the next few weeks, including Dunham Shoe Factory's live recording release, website launch, and more videos from the group’s "Step Into The Mix" live session this past April... And about three other albums at the ‘Hall that are hankerin’ for completion by the end of this calendar year, good heavens. I’ll be doing a lot of mixing over the next 6 weeks.

BareSole Yoga morning music
with Mac Ritchey, ambient improvisation
Friday November 18th 2016, 9-10:30am
BareSole Yoga Studio
581 Rutland St., Carlisle, MA
$20 or Class Card

Here’s a sample of the kind of thing I’ll be doing, a piece I recorded right after the Boston Marathon bombing and we were all hiding inside while the police were searching the streets of Watertown with guns drawn. Definitely a time that needed some peace and healing.


Best to all of you and stay sane, stay centered.

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