possum hall studios

The modern-day recording process, armed with an astounding arsenal of tools to edit, tweak and manipulate audio, can all-too-easily lead us to forget the real reason we should be recording music in the first place: because it sounded good before we put a microphone in front of it.

Therefore, the modern-day recording studio should first and foremost be a space that welcomes good music to happen within it.

Possum Hall Recording Studio was designed for creativity and acoustics alike. Designed as an open-air control room environment (the engineer sits in the same room as the performers), the room is warm and welcoming. Tapestries, mirrors and masks line the walls, orchids flower on bass traps, a cozy overstuffed chair beckons, and exotic musical instruments are found in every corner.

The floor space is 23'x30' with a 13' cathedral ceiling. The walls and floor are all engineered with acoustic isolation and resonance control in mind, and the combination of pine, mahogany and bamboo surfaces throughout the room result in a wonderfully rich acoustic space. Gobos are at the ready for further tailoring of the sound, from tight vocal tracks to roomy drums, all performed live in the same room – maybe even without headphones!

The center mix position is a tighter, more neutral acoustic zone partially separated from the surrounding room's ambience. Overhead, vibrant cloud panels float on pulleys, allowing for further customization of the room's acoustic signature.

Three banks of tall windows let in sunlight and look out over a stream that flows through the property and into 70 acres of town forest.

The isolation room has some of the finest sunset lighting you could ever imagine.

Take off your shoes, settle in, make some good music.

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