what is a producer

And why would I want one for my recording?

A client once told me that he thought of a producer as being the last set of "fresh ears" to listen to the music before it goes to "tape". (Okay, "hard drive" these days.) Another person once defined a producer as "the new hired band member for the album".

Overall, a producer is the person you bring with you to the studio who makes sure that your recording gets done and done right the first time.

All too often, a band or solo artist will book time at the best recording studio they can find within their budget. They have access to fantastic gear, a great sounding room, expensive microphones, a skilled engineer and all that goes with such a facility.

But when they finish their recording, they feel that there's something missing; the music doesn't sound "quite right" or "totally professional".

Most of the time, the missing element is simple, yet it is often the most difficult to realize is needed.

That element is a producer, someone who maintains the overview, the bigger picture, and helps to make sure the project meets its mark.

Most people never really consider hiring a producer for an independent recording project, cost being the most prohibiting factor. Studio at $50/hour PLUS engineer at $25/hour PLUS the cost of a producer? Not without a label or other investment capital. Yet, an album released on a record label always has a producer, and that's what you, as an independent recording artist, are competing with, whether you like it or not.

My intention in creating Possum Hall Studios was to design a work space that allowed me to work directly with clients. This eliminates the need to use pricey commercial studios (except for very specific purposes, if any) and the requirement for a separate engineer, thus making it cost effective to work with a producer on an independent budget.

Each recording project is unique, and each band or artist has specific needs for their project. As a producer, my job is to help make sure that those needs are met efficiently and effectively while maintaining the focus on the final goal. Depending on your recording project and the needs thereof, my role as producer may include any of the following (and more):

  • Defining goals for a project: discussing the sound and style of a recording, length of project, budget and budget management, expectations
  • Creating timelines: schedules for musicians, maximizing efficiency of studio time, coordinating with third parties (record companies, mastering labs, manufacturing companies, etc.)
  • Engineering
  • Song Construction: exploring, arranging, creating structure from simple sketches
  • Advising on performances, both technically and aesthetically
  • Studio musician: providing professional level capability on a variety of instruments (guitar, bass, drums/percussion, keyboards, vocals, etc.)

If you are interested in discussing your project, timeline, and budget, please contact me for more information.

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